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Gassy Girls

(from allover the world)

Have filmed a candid collection of their natural farts ​

These compilations are not fetish videos, they may not be for everyone, they may be more of a novelty.  

But if you like genuine farts by beautiful women who love to fart WITHOUT the commercial grade pump machine, just pure all natural gas being relieved for us to enjoy, then come join the party.

For more details on how to get some compilations

Meet the Flatuladies

These girls are not fetish models.

Just regular gassy girls who enjoy farting without shame

Hit the button below and see the Bios (also some video samples)

of the girls.

How To Order

If you're in the USA you can order by using 

If you're outside of the USA use 

On the website, there is a section to buy Amazon cards.

By default the cards are for your country so it is important to change the cards country to USA otherwise it will not work! 

Once it’s done. You can choose an amount of money among those proposed and then email the code to us

Then state which season you would like and we go from there.

Episode Guide

31 Seasons

(155 Episodes)

Each season is broken down to

5 Episodes (150 farts)

Each Episode features 6 gassy girls

who share 5 of their farts

DO NOT ORDER from the store.
Just email me at
I ask you kindly not to share these videos with the world so we can keep the party fun and continuous.

Click the Poster below to Browse


Tips, Tricks, Recipes to get a girl to fart for you.

Read some Testimonials, and find a home in the forum.

Contests where you can get some really nice giveaways.

Plus more...

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